Change Your Life

You Are Not Alone

One out of three adults suffer from anxiety, depression, or addiction. Most people remain stuck because they lack the skills to change and the skills needed to prevent relapse.

You can change your life. Many people have done it before. You can too.

The information in this website is supported by research from peer-reviewed articles. The goal of the website is to help you learn:

  • The causes and symptoms of anxiety, depression, and addiction
  • A successful one-month plan for change
  • Treatment and relapse prevention strategies
  • Important life skills to improve your life
  • A new approach to cognitive therapy
  • Stress management and mind-body relaxation techniques
  • How to avoid repeating old habits
  • How to incorporate new skills into your life

Resources for Counselors and Health Professionals

Developing new life skills is best done with the help of trained professionals. This website contains many resources to help counselors and health professionals better work with their clients and patients. All these resources are free to be used and distributed as you choose.

IWantToChangeMyLife Network

This site belongs to a network of websites designed to help you with different aspects of change and recovery. The websites are aimed at individuals, family members, counselors, and health professionals. The information in these websites is based on the book “I Want to Change My Life: How to Overcome Anxiety, Depression and Addiction.”

The member websites are;


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IWantToChangeMyLife Network: This site belongs to a network of websites designed to help individuals and counselors with different aspects of change and recovery:,,,,
Information included: Learn how to overcome anxiety, depression, and addiction. Learn the causes, symptoms, treatment, and relapse prevention strategies. Learn a five-point plan for change. Learn a treatment plan for depression, anxiety, and addiction. Learn the five rules of recovery from addiction, a new approach to cognitive therapy, and stress management and mindful relaxation techniques. Learn the symptoms, causes, relapse prevention strategies, and treatment of post-acute withdrawal. Included is a five-point plan for change that will help you overcome addiction, anxiety, and depression. For a more information refer to the book, I Want to Change My Life by Dr. Steven M. Melemis.