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A collection of handouts that you can print without restrictions and distribute to your clients and patients. Please contact me if there are other handouts you feel might be helpful to your practice.

Journal Articles


  • Addiction Test (html) (pdf)
  • Depression Test (html) (pdf)
  • Bipolar Test (html) (pdf)
  • Cognitive Therapy Introduction (html) (pdf)
  • Thought Review Template (html) (pdf)
  • Mind-Body Relaxation Introduction (html) (pdf)


What Is Addiction? (5 minute video)
What is addiction? Learn the definition of addiction. Take a simple test to decide if you have an addiction. Understand the causes of addiction. Learn what you can do to increase your chances of recovery.

Addiction and the Brain (6 minute video)
How addiction works in the brain. Why addicts and non-addicts have a hard time understanding each other. Three important lessons about addiction, relapse prevention and recovery.

Addiction Relapse Prevention (6 minute video)
Learn the stages of relapse and how to recognize the early warning signs of relapse. Learn coping skills to prevent relapse in the future. (Reference:


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